Golden Bauhinia Constellation

The "Golden Bauhinia" constellation is an active-passive hybrid low-orbit high-frequency satellite constellation that combines optical remote sensing and synthetic aperture radar to form an all-weather and near-real-time dynamic monitoring service system that is not affected by weather conditions such as cloud and rain. The "Golden Bauhinia" constellation will establish special applications and services for regional dynamic monitoring under the real-time satellite communication and navigation requirements, provide users with integrated solutions for smart cities, and help cities achieve full-cycle monitoring of refined management and ecological environment construction.

Golden Bauhinia Constellation
Satellite big data processing and application system
Satellite Ground Receiving Station
Aerospace Smart City Management System
Satellite Manufacture
Aerospace industry applications
Launch service
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Golden Bauhinia Constellation

• 24 hours coverage worldwide
• Focus area <30 minutes revisited
• Mobile target monitoring technology, spatial intelligence
• AI technology, dynamic change monitoring technology
• Global online

Golden Bauhinia Greater Bay Area Constellation
• Manufacturing and launching 165 low-orbit high-frequency satellites
• Full coverage of the Greater Bay Area (11 cities including Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing)
• Centralized service to 5,000 data companies in the region with a market size of USD 5 billion per year, becoming the only aerospace data leader in the region

Satellite Ground Receiving Station

Hong Kong Satellite Ground Receiving Station
• Right of use obtained
• Official operation on January 1, 2006
• Can be used to record and process remote sensing data received from satellites
• Useful information for governments and private organizations in Hong Kong, South China and surrounding areas
• Promote a variety of emerging industrial and commercial activities related to remote sensing data processing, software development, and other professional value-added services
• Provide an important platform to promote technical cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland
• Accelerating the development of remote sensing technology industry in the Greater Pearl River Delta region

Global layout
Construct 50 satellite international commercial ground receiving stations fully featured with "communication-navigation-remote sensing"

Satellite Manufacture

The whole satellite customization
Satellite parts customization
Satellite payload customization

Launch service

To undertake the commissioning of various satellites for communication, navigation and remote sensing
Technical consulting, rocket launch and coordination services
Co-launch locations: China, India, United States, Japan, Russia

Satellite big data processing and application system

Satellite On-orbit Data Reception and Processing
Automatic reception of on-orbit  data high-speed transmission and online processing.
Efficient data storage and distribution.

Satellite Orbit Data Software System
Autonomous and controllable to support satellite constellation operation services Multi-channel redundant joint measurement and control, multi-source data fusion, and data product delivery Provide multi-level satellite data processing and application services.

Aerospace Smart City Management System

Based on the integration of HKATG’s satellite constellation multi-source remote sensing data, satellite ground receiving stations data and multi-source sensing base station data from Hong Kong Aerospace Science and Technology Group, a  “Satellite-Ground-Station" integrated sensing-analysis-service system and smart city overall solution are built to assist the fine-grained management of urban planning, construction, operation, and services, and ecological environment construction.

Aerospace industry applications